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I am taking a course on how to use Word Press.  When I am done, I will be an expert and my blog will look beautiful and hopefully kind of professional.  I just want the Art Anthology peeps to know this so they don’t look at my blog here and flip out, screaming “No! This will NEVER do!  We don’t care HOW artistic and passionate and dedicated and experienced you are…  If you can’t do a blog…. no dice!”

For example, this blog looks huge on my screen and I can’t figure out why.  Please zoom out until it looks readable for you until I can fix it. please:)

It’s not that I can’t do a blog… It’s just…. I’m an artist – full time – I work everyday and I teach, and learn, and keep up with all my social media.  I do have an online presence – quite a large one – just google “dawn gaye artist” or  “dawngaye artist” or “dawn gaye duff artist” or “dawngaye young artist” – you get the idea.  I have quite an email list and a large number of sites that represent my artistic style.  Here, I’ll even list them for you! – there is a nice slide show on the homepage (my page) (my personal account – I have almost 1700 friends and a good percentage are artists and crafters)


Girlie Elephant

Girlie ElephantGirlie ElephantGirlie Elephant

Girlie Elephant, a set on Flickr.

From our Shabby Crab Collection
Girlie is a femme fatale with her happy yellow and pink coloring, and her pretty green eyes. She sports two beautiful “ivory” tusks, and is detailed with elephant folds in her skin and a perfect little tail. So many of us collect elephants! She will hang on your Christmas tree and grace your home all year round. $45.
Girlie can be found in FishBone Gallery on Calhoun Street in Bluffton. If you are out of the area, I will be happy to create a Girlie just for you.